Melrose North Capital (MNC) is a private equity firm.

Although officially launched in 2022, MNC was conceived of decades ago. Founded by Justin Kramer, an entrepreneur and former CEO, who is inspired and informed by his challenging and successful professional journey.

Proven experience underpins MNC’s ability to invest in a range of industries and to put executable and profitable operational strategies in place. MNC is prepared to utilize its expertise and resources to help build businesses and foster growth alongside its partners.

MNC’s primary focus is to achieve sustainable growth, productivity, and profit. These pillars are priorities for all investments and partnerships. Without a prescribed exit timeline, MNC is poised to make opportunistic and smart investment decisions, motivated solely by desired outcomes.

Over the years, Justin has made significant passive investments as he relentlessly pursued his former career. Now, through MNC, Justin is ready to take on an active role in MNC’s new investments and partnerships, where deemed appropriate.

Financial backing is only the beginning of a relationship with MNC. Collaboration with people is key – MNC will work to attain exemplary results by always supporting people.

Financial backing is only the beginning of a relationship with MNC. Collaboration with people is key – MNC will work to attain exemplary results by always supporting people.

In 1999, at 29 years old, Justin Kramer arrived in Toronto, Canada, leaving his family and native South Africa (and his childhood suburb of Melrose North) behind him. Equipped with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and 8 years of record-breaking sales experience, Justin was eager to start his new life in Canada.

Soon after his arrival, Justin was employed by an online automotive auction business. After 3 years of working as part of a larger team and growing that exciting start-up across North America, Justin decided to pursue a new venture of his own.

In 2003, Justin, along with a group of investors, purchased a small Canadian entertainment payroll company, Talent Payment Services (TPS) and Justin became CEO. After 9 years of stellar growth, in 2012 the Canadian based TPS merged with US based entertainment payroll company Team Services and the fully North American TEAM Companies (TEAM) was born. Justin became TEAM’s COO shortly thereafter. As a result of incredible organic growth, multiple add on acquisitions, investing heavily in people and technology and utilizing smart, yet conservative leverage, by 2017 TEAM had become a global leader in the entertainment payroll space.

In 2017, Torquest, a large Canadian private equity firm purchased control of TEAM and Justin became President & CEO. TEAM’s growth and profitability accelerated significantly until its ultimate sale.

In early 2020, when the pandemic hit, TEAM had a suite of incredible technology tools which it had not had the opportunity to fully complete and implement. In keeping with its philosophy of people first, TEAM made the bold decision to use this effective partial shutdown to keep its expert labour force fully employed and implement years of technology rollouts in months and to rapidly train its labour force and clients to use all of these technology and productivity tools effectively – considered by most very bold considering the uncertain times.

Justin and his team went on to expertly execute upon that plan which ultimately led to huge gains in enterprise value and proved pivotal in the spectacularly successful sale of TEAM to global entertainment financial services powerhouse, Cast & Crew in 2021.

After years of collaboratively achieving targets and driving successful outcomes, Justin Kramer, a self-made entrepreneur and MNC founder, is ready to join together with companies as an investor, a mentor, and partner. He is eager to utilize his expertise and extensive resources to assist businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

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